Jadon Sancho’s deadly moves will likely tear defenders apart in his Manchester United debut season.

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Jadon Sancho’s deadly moves will likely tear defenders apart in his Manchester United debut season.

Manchester United have for a long time been involved in the hunt of former Man City youngster. The chase is now almost over as Jadon Sancho is now almost a Manchester United player with a £73m move allowed by Borussia Dortmund.

It now seems that United’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will finally get his number one target for the right-wing position.

Sancho is very talented and very dangerous player and will definitely tear defenders apart in his Manchester United debut season.

Here aresome of his most lethal aspects as a player, 

Perfectly timed pass in-behind

One of Sancho’s biggest depths in attack is the timing of his pass when creating for his teammates.

The 21-year-old has been a constant in the starting lineup for Dortmund for almost three years already and we’ve seen his game develop to a new level each year. Something he has developed though is a perfectly timed pass in behind the defense when dribbling at speed.

Often you’ll see him running inside with the ball, either from the right or left and then one of his teammates will race in behind in the opposite direction to the defenders. 

Sancho has a talent of being able to time that ball correctly but also weighting it and directing it flawlessly, leaving his partner one on one with the goalkeeper – something Edinson Cavani will certainly thrive off.


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Placed finishes

Currently United’s best goal scorers are all outstanding finishers with Cavani, Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford all favoring to blast the ball past a goalkeeper.

What Sancho gives is the inclination to just calmly roll the ball past a goalkeeper, often favoring accuracy overpower.

 The vast majority of the goals he has scored have come from him side-footing the ball into the net and that balance in front of goal will help take United’s attack to the next level.

Body feints and nutmegs

Sancho spoke lately about his mindset when playing football often coming from his time in the cages as a youngster, and that reveals his love for the nutmeg so much.

Sancho performed more nutmegs in Europe’s top five leagues than any player not named Marcus Rashford or Neymar last season and his body feints with the ball at his feet have seen his style related to the Brazilian on several occasions.

 We’ve seen him drop defenders to their knees with a shimmy and United will now have that capability to open defenses up in one on one situations from both wings simultaneously once the 21-year-old arrives.


When Juan Mata was at his commanding best during his Chelsea days, he used his shortage of size as an advantage by playing quick one-twos to create space for himself rather than physical attributes.

Sancho has a similar type of style in uncomfortable situations, using technical qualities to shift the angle of his play and play passes in tight spaces to open up the pitch elsewhere.

 United have struggled against low blocks in the past and this element of Sancho’s game will help to open those up and eventually will help the Reds earn points they won’t have won in the past under Solskjaer.

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Jadon Sancho’s deadly moves will likely tear defenders apart in his Manchester United debut season.

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