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‘It’s mad’: Gold explains what’s happened at Tottenham that would shock Mauricio Pochettino if he returned

‘It’s mad’: Gold explains what’s happened at Tottenham that would shock Mauricio Pochettino if he returned

Alasdair Gold has made a statement on the Last Word on Spurs podcast, claiming that if Mauricio Pochettino were to return to Tottenham Hotspur, he would be shocked by something that has occurred at the club.

This follows a tumultuous week for Tottenham, which began with a frustrating draw against Southampton and escalated due to Antonio Conte’s angry comments in the post-match press conference.

As a result, the Italian’s future at the club is uncertain, and Tottenham is now exploring potential replacements.

Ryan Mason has been suggested as a possible interim manager for Tottenham Hotspur until the end of the season, which would be the second time he has taken on this role for the club.

Nonetheless, there is also speculation about the potential return of Mauricio Pochettino to Tottenham.

The Argentinian, who had a successful five-year tenure as the head of the club, could have an opportunity to return for a second stint.

While he is currently available, he would prefer to rejoin the team during the summer. Alasdair Gold recently revealed a potential surprise for Mauricio Pochettino if he were to return to Tottenham, and it involves Fabio Paratici.

Despite Paratici’s position being in jeopardy, his efforts behind the scenes have significantly revamped the club since Pochettino’s departure.

Gold reveals what might shock Pochettino at Tottenham

While discussing the potential change in management at the club, Gold said: “That structure is fascinating that Paratici has created. It is the most cluttered, huge structure.

“Gretar Steinsson, he does have a lot to do with the youth, but he does have one foot in the first-team camp.

“He’s kind of supposed to straddle them both. You’ve got Andy Scoulding in there, you’ve got Simon Davies, you’ve got Dean Rastrick, and they are all in this area.

“You’ve got a few scouts, but then you had Chris Perkins, who was head of emerging talent and doing a very similar role.

“He ended up leaving and going to Arsenal, because they were all treading on each other’s toes.

“Paratici is this man, who’s forte is very much dealing with the board room.

“Everything to do with the actual running of a football club, he sets up the structure underneath him to deal with that.

“It’s mad this structure, and there’s one manager for me who will look at that structure and go, ‘What! That wasn’t there when I was here last, what is that?’”

Gold mentions Tottenham’s complex backroom structure under Paratici, but notes that Pochettino was also familiar with having a large staff during his time at Spurs, which is becoming more common in football.

There are reports that Pochettino is aggressively pursuing Antonio Conte’s job if he is dismissed this season, which could be a risky move for Daniel Levy given that he previously fired Pochettino to hire Jose Mourinho.

‘It’s mad’: Gold explains what’s happened at Tottenham that would shock Mauricio Pochettino if he returned

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