(Images): Family appears to celebrate highly rated star joining Chelsea

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(Images): Family appears to celebrate highly rated star joining Chelsea

It’s barely a secret anymore, but it appears that the family of a player Chelsea is likely to sign has confirmed it.

Images posted on Christmas Eve appear to show the family of Andrey Santos of Vasco Da Gama celebrating the teenage midfielder’s move to Chelsea.

Santos is surrounded by blue balloons and appears joyful, as his transfer to Chelsea is likely to be finalized in the near future.

The comments translates to: “I confess that today I found out that I wasn’t prepared for the moment of having to be so far away, but with an enormous happiness of knowing that you’re going to be fulfilling a dream that is yours and that you fought so hard to achieve! I love you so much, the world is yours. Forever me and you.”

The signing of Andrey Santos reveals a potential new blueprint for the future at Stamford Bridge. They intend to sign the most talented young footballers in the globe.

The team now has access to a plethora of young, skilled players. Andrey Santos was one of the crucial contributors to Vasco de Gama’s Brazilian Serie B promotion victory.

This season, Santos has scored eight goals in 33 appearances. Despite his inexperience, he played an important part on the team.

Santos’s playing style closely resembles that of former Chelsea superstar Ramires. With the club, he won the Champions League, the Premier League, the Europa League, the FA Cup, and the League Cup.

Ramires scored 34 goals and contributed 25 assists during his career at Chelsea. Santos might flourish at the club provided he receives the necessary assistance to develop.

(Images): Family appears to celebrate highly rated star joining Chelsea

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