‘I had info’: Pep says he was given inside information on Man United player

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‘I had info’: Pep says he was given inside information on Man United player

Pep Guardiola has asserted that he had foreseen Casemiro’s significant acquisition for Manchester United . The manager of Manchester City is preparing his team to face their nearby rivals at Wembley Stadium tomorrow in their pursuit of the FA Cup, having recently secured the Premier League title. 

When discussing the upcoming final, Guardiola was queried about the influence of a particular player from United, who despite joining the squad relatively recently, has made a noteworthy impact this season.

Guardiola had information on Casemiro

During his recent press conference, Guardiola made the following statement regarding Casemiro:

He said: “I don’t know him personally but when he was in Madrid I had info on how professional he is. I was convinced he would not come here for holidays in the last years of his career.” 

Back in August, Erik ten Hag’s team successfully completed the transfer of the Brazilian player from Real Madrid for a reported fee of £70 million.

Since then, the 31-year-old has played in 50 matches for the Red Devils in various competitions, demonstrating his significant role within the team. Moreover, to emphasize the influence of the former Real Madrid midfielder on Manchester United this season, he concluded his debut Premier League campaign with the highest combined tally of tackles and interceptions (123) among all United players. 

This is a factor that Manchester City should be cautious of in their upcoming match tomorrow.

Considering all of these factors, it is indeed safe to conclude that Casemiro has had a successful debut season in England, despite the substantial transfer fee paid for a player of his age. 

He has already secured the Carabao Cup with Manchester United in February, and now his focus will undoubtedly be on winning the FA Cup. 

However, he and his team will need to ensure they have what it takes to defeat Manchester City in order to achieve that goal.

‘I had info’: Pep says he was given inside information on Man United player

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