‘I don’t need three games’: Manchester United star says his mind is 100 per cent made up

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‘I don’t need three games’: Manchester United star says his mind is 100 per cent made up

Alejandro Garnacho expresses his complete dedication to Argentina, regardless of whether he participates in international matches during this break or not.

There is an apprehensive atmosphere in Argentina regarding Alejandro Garnacho, who previously played for the Spanish national team at the under-18 level.

Given his youth, Garnacho still has the option to switch back to Spain as long as he hasn’t played in three international matches.

According to TyC Sports, it is anticipated that Garnacho will be included in the lineup for both upcoming matches against Australia and Indonesia. Additionally, he is expected to participate in the World Cup qualifier against Ecuador in September. This sequence of games is crucial for Garnacho to solidify his international future with Argentina.

Alejandro Garnacho says his mind is made up

Alejandro Garnacho affirms his firm decision and remains calm regarding his international future with Argentina, regardless of whether he gets to play for the team later this month or not.

He told Clarin: “I didn’t doubt anything, because I feel Argentine, they bet on me before and I was clear about it. I don’t need three games to decide.

“If I don’t debut this tour, it doesn’t matter, I want to be with Argentina and it will happen later.”

Garnacho mentioned that his new Argentina teammates have warmly embraced him, stating that they provide him with encouragement and support.

Garnacho’s inclusion in the squad brings a sense of vitality to the Argentina team and signifies a new direction for their future, ensuring they do not stagnate after their World Cup victory.

The young talent from Manchester United also revealed that he did inquire with Erik ten Hag about joining the Argentina under-20 squad, but he was unable to be released due to important club matches that needed his participation.

He said: “I asked the coach please but he told me he couldn’t.”

Despite his decision to commit his future to Argentina, Garnacho holds no resentment, as evidenced by his recent contract extension with Manchester United, which now runs until 2028.

Garnacho’s agent has criticized the mismanagement within the Spain national team setup, shedding light on the factors that influenced Garnacho’s choice to pledge his allegiance to Argentina.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) will be keen on ensuring that Garnacho reaches the threshold of international appearances as swiftly as possible, making it impossible for him to switch back to Spain. However, based on Garnacho’s remarks, it appears that the AFA has nothing to be concerned about, as he seems resolute in his decision to represent Argentina.

‘I don’t need three games’: Manchester United star says his mind is 100 per cent made up

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