“I did ask him” – Peter Crouch reveals Harry Kane’s response when he asked him about his future

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“I did ask him” – Peter Crouch reveals Harry Kane’s response when he asked him about his future

As we near the summer transfer window, the topic of Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur remains a prominent subject of discussion.

 With his existing contract expiring next year and no indications of a contract extension at this point, there is growing speculation about the possibility of him leaving during the upcoming transfer window.

Manchester United has been strongly associated with him and is reportedly considering him as their primary transfer objective. 

Additionally, Bayern Munich and PSG have been mentioned as potential destinations. Furthermore, the race to sign him has now included Real Madrid, one of the top clubs in La Liga, with coach Carlo Ancelotti reportedly identifying him as their top transfer target.

Kane’s ambition to surpass Alan Shearer’s Premier League goal-scoring record is a significant factor that could influence his decision. Remaining in England would give him the best chance to accomplish this milestone, making a transfer to Manchester United the most logical choice.

Peter Crouch, a former Tottenham striker, has provided insights into Kane’s future, disclosing that he has had conversations with the Spurs forward. Crouch also expressed his opinion that Kane should contemplate a move to Manchester United. However, he acknowledged that the ultimate decision lies with Kane, considering his contractual obligations and Tottenham’s strong desire to keep their standout player.

During his assessment of potential destinations, Peter Crouch ruled out the possibility of Kane joining Chelsea or Arsenal. He indicated that a move to either of these London clubs is unlikely. In terms of Newcastle United, Crouch mentioned it as a potential option, but he also acknowledged that some might view it as a sideways move, meaning it may not be seen as a significant step forward in Kane’s career.

He told BT Sport (via Chronicle Live):

“‘I did ask him the question (if that was his last home game for Spurs) and he was very diplomatic in his answer. I don’t think even he knows.”

“There’s a man at the club that doesn’t want to lose his star player and what would it mean to these fans to lose a player of Kane’s calibre? Where can he go? Manchester City City is sewn up now. Manchester United is the only real option I can see. You can’t go to Chelsea. You can’t go to Arsenal.

“Newcastle is potentially an option but I still feel that’s a sideways move. Newcastle have got great potential but I feel like he might as well stay at Tottenham.”

“I did ask him” – Peter Crouch reveals Harry Kane’s response when he asked him about his future

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