‘I believe you know’: La Liga club now sends eight-word tweet to Arsenal after what happened last night

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‘I believe you know’: La Liga club now sends eight-word tweet to Arsenal after what happened last night

Real Betis organized a tribute match in honor of Joaquin, bidding him farewell. Joaquin, who is currently 41 years old, recently announced his retirement from football, more than 20 years after his debut for Betis in 1999. He holds a legendary status at the club and is adored by everyone associated with Betis.

During the farewell game held yesterday, several prominent players participated, including former Arsenal players Hector Bellerin, Dani Ceballos, and Santi Cazorla. Real Betis conveyed a message to Arsenal about their involvement in the match through a tweet.

Real Betis sent a tweet to Arsenal about old Gunners stars

Arsenal has had a number of Spanish players throughout their history, but the recent names that stand out as particularly popular are Hector Bellerin, Santi Cazorla, and Dani Ceballos.

Hector Bellerin was a beloved figure during his more than ten-year tenure at Arsenal. Although he permanently departed the club two years ago, he remains warmly remembered by everyone at the Emirates.

Similarly, Santi Cazorla captivated Arsenal fans as a fan favorite. The skillful playmaker spent six years with the Gunners, winning the hearts of supporters. Even now, he continues to be adored by everyone affiliated with the club. Furthermore, Cazorla showcased his brilliance by scoring a remarkable goal in the recent match.

These players, Bellerin, Cazorla, and Ceballos, have left a lasting impact on Arsenal and are held in high regard by the club and its fans.

Ceballos was never a permanent player for Arsenal, but he did spend two seasons on loan at the Emirates. While his performance in the second season was disappointing, he played a significant role in Arsenal’s victory in the FA Cup during Mikel Arteta’s first season as manager.

 He deserves recognition for his contribution. Betis recently shared a photo of Ceballos and Bellerin, aiming to attract the attention of Arsenal fans.

They tweeted: “Hello, @Arsenal! I believe you know these two!”

Cazorla scored a superb goal in Joaquin’s farewell game

Santi Cazorla possesses exceptional skill, making him one of the most talented players in the game, wouldn’t you agree?

During his time at Arsenal, the Spanish midfielder provided immense delight to fans with his captivating performances. He showcased his magical abilities in 180 matches for the Gunners, and his brilliance continues to be cherished even today.

In Joaquin’s farewell match yesterday, Cazorla displayed a moment of brilliance reminiscent of his prime. He effortlessly maneuvered the ball through opponents, leaving a couple of players bewildered, before calmly slotting it into the back of the net.

That goal was a classic example of Cazorla’s style, and it also received admiration from Sergio Ramos. Take a look at the goal below and witness the magic for yourself!

‘I believe you know’: La Liga club now sends eight-word tweet to Arsenal after what happened last night

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