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How much each Premier League club will pocket from players participating in World Cup

How much each Premier League club will pocket from players participating in World Cup

Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester United will each receive over £1.5 million for enabling their players to participate in the World Cup group stage.

Depending on how their squad members perform in Qatar, these sums might surpass £2 million, as FIFA pays clubs per player every day and they face a midseason break for the first time.

On Sunday, the Premier League season was halted as over 100 players from all 20 clubs prepared to fly to the Middle East.

Having the World Cup in Qatar has resulted in the first-ever rescheduling of the event to the winter, and clubs will be praying that their players return fit.

In the interim, though, they will be paid for their losses, with those teams that have contributed the most players receiving greater compensation.

FIFA will pay approximately £8,500 per day every player. There will be six days of training prior to the competition, followed by a 13-day group stage, therefore each player will earn their club a minimum of 19 days’ worth of money, totaling £161,500. 

After the last group game, the competition will continue for an additional 16 days, with a great deal depending on how far each nation advances.

City, the defending English champions, has sent more players to Qatar than any other club, with sixteen members of their team making the trip.

This comprises five Englishmen and three Portuguese players, two expectedly successful nations. Additionally, they have supplied players to Spain, Germany, Argentina, and Switzerland.

United, their neighboring club, will send the second-most players to the World Cup. Their total of fourteen includes three players each from England, Portugal, and Brazil, with Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes, and Casemiro among those who will be missing for at least the next several weeks.

Chelsea and Tottenham are the only other two clubs with more than 10 World Cup participants. Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount, and Kai Havertz are among Chelsea’s 12 players, although Reece James has been ruled out due to injury.

Tottenham’s star players Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, together with Ivan Perisic, Hugo Lloris, and Ben Davies, will go for Qatar. Liverpool will lose the fewest players to the World Cup among the traditional top six, with only seven players departing.

Arsenal, who maintain a five-point lead at the top, will be hoping none of their important players are injured upon their return. Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, Granit Xhaka, and William Saliba will all represent their nation.

Crystal Palace and Southampton are the only two teams to lose only one player to the World Cup, with Joachim Andersen and Armel Bella-Kotchap departing for the Eagles and Saints, respectively.

Six players will leave Nottingham Forest, one more than high-flying Newcastle.

Amounts to be paid to Premier League clubs by FIFA*

Arsenal – 9 players – £1.45m

Man City – 16 players – £2.58m

Newcastle – 5 players – £800k

Tottenham – 11 players – £1.77m

Man Utd – 14 players – £2.26m

Liverpool – 7 players – £1.13m

Brighton – 4 players – £646k

Chelsea – 12 players – £1.93m

Fulham – 6 players – £970k

Brentford – 4 players – £646k

Crystal Palace – 1 player – £160k

Aston Villa – 4 players – £646k

Leicester – 6 players – £970k

Bournemouth – 2 players – £323k

Leeds – 3 players – £484k

West Ham – 5 players – £800k

Everton – 4 players – £646k

Nottingham Forest – 6 players – £970k

Southampton – 1 player – £161k

Wolves – 3 players – £484k

*Amounts include period up until end of the group stages

How much each Premier League club will pocket from players participating in World Cup

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