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Heartbreaking: French football star in a coma since 1982.

Jean-Pierre Adams is a French former footballer whose heartbreaking story has seen him rise to prominence in recent years. The Senegalese-born midfielder played as a defender for several French clubs among them PSG and Nice.

His career however entered its low point with his journey to the top level hitting a sudden and tragic turn.

In the year 1982, aged 34 years, Jean-Piere stormed into a Lyon hospital to undergo what was seen as routine knee surgery. Little did he know this spelled his last moment that he could talk, walk, or be able to voluntarily move his muscles again.



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Adams’s life was horribly twisted into a different direction after a botched operation on his injured knee. According to the SPORTBIBLE, this happened after he was involved in a wrong dosage of anaesthetic. The result was starvation of oxygen which caused catastrophic damage to his brain.
Adams now is aged 73 years and has two grandsons. He is not capable of making a lot of Voluntary movements as he is under the care of his wife Bernadette Adams.

In 2020, during an interview with CNN, His wife, Bernadette, refused to give euthanasia as an option but instead obliged how stronger her bond with his husband grew to the level that Adams can actually tell when it is not her tending to him.

Her words were: “He senses that it is not me feeding him and looking after him. It’s the nurses who tell me, saying he is not the same. I think he feels things. He must recognize the sound of my voice as well,”


Bernadette further revealed how she still remains optimistic that one day Adam will be able to wake up. Despite his health condition, they keep buying him presents on each special occasion. She said; “We buy presents like a t-shirt or a jumper because I dress him in his bed – he changes clothes every day,”


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