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Guardiola, Tuchel, and Klopp give their verdict after Champions League Draw.

With the highly awaited Champions League quatre final draw out, it is clear we are going to experience a mouth-watering clash. Quatre final enters with three out of four English participants still on the race, with Manchester United slightly missing opportunity to progress past group stage, but are in the race and among the favorite to win the Europa League if not Arsenal. What is the Premier League coaches verdict? 

The coaches verdict is out. 

  1. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City vs Haaland’s Borussia Dortmund.

Guardiola said:

“It’s a privilege to be in the last eight teams. I didn’t see much (of Dortmund) but in this international break, we will have a chance. They are a really good team. They were able to go through against Sevilla – who in knockout competitions are one of the strongest teams. They were able to beat them. Dortmund is tough but so would all of them (be).”

“We try to play a good first game and then good in the second one. If we do good games, we will go through, if they do good games they will. There are no secrets other than that. I have now two weeks to analyze and see some games of them and see what they do with a new manager.”


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“The numbers speak for themselves… he (Haaland) is one of best strikers in the world at his age. I saw a few games, highlights, and the numbers in the Champions League are impressive. I know the quality of this player, everyone knows.

“They have many young players with quality. They invest in young players, pay good wages and salaries for agents and they have quality there.”

2.Tuchel’s Chelsea were paired against Juventus humiliators Fc Porto.

Tuchel said:

 “First of all I am happy we play an international game and not against an English team, the Champions League is about that. We have the second leg at home which feels good because we maybe have a slight advantage to finish at home.”

“Clearly, many people will now make us favorites against Porto but that will not help us. You can ask in Turin if that helps you.”

“We are self-confident and that is strongly connected with our performances. So we are confident that we will face a strong opponent and face them with respect, but we are in the quarter-final and are focused on winning that.”


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3.Liverpool will have to face Real Madrid.

Klopp said:

“It’s just under three years ago that we faced them and it was a tough night for us, so to get the chance to play them again is cool,” said the Reds boss. I think it’s the first time I faced them when Cristiano is not there; probably maybe the first time since Bale is not there.”

“But obviously Ramos is still there, Varane still there, Kroos still there, Modric still there, Casemiro still there, Carvajal still there, Benzema still there. And a few young prospects, proper players on top of that. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“It’s exciting, exciting. It’s obviously a tough draw, but I’m fine with it because if you look at all the other teams you think, ‘Oh my God!’ because they’re all strong and all have quality.”


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“I think we are all the same,” said Klopp. “Bayern doesn’t want to play Dortmund, for example, because they are from the same country and for us, it was City and Chelsea.”

“If we can avoid as long as possible then you do it, but all the rest, it was clear we would face a tough opponent. I know it’s a different round and whatever and we don’t know where we will play and stuff like this, but that’s all OK. If it will be Budapest, that’s fine. The home game maybe hopefully at Anfield, that would be great as well.”


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