Guardiola fears dodgy Etihad pitch could derail Man City chase for trophies galore.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola worries that the club’s chase to win Quadruple is likely not to happen due to the current Etihad stadium playing surface. This is brought about by the harsh winter in the North West.
Guardiola is concerned with the possibility of losing his players through injury due to the poor state of the pitch. He admits how his club is much far from the top when it comes to their playing surface. Pep was forced to accept that he is envious of Anfield and Old Trafford playing surfaces.

Manchester City coach wishes this could be an issue he could control. City who travel to Craven Cottage to play Fulham are in the fate of winning a quadruple but the state of their pitch deteriorating when autumn and winters come is something that gives the manager a lot of concern.

The City boss said:
“We have tried from day one, we have tried every season to find a solution, knowing that the weather’s going to change so the sun will not come,”
“We have to try to find a way that for as much time as possible, and the time from October, November until March, the grass can be better as much as possible.
“We need it for, of course, avoiding injuries. So our football can be better for many, many reasons.
“And I’m sure the club will try to do, as it always has done and always does, the best to find a solution.”

Guardiola borrowed the golf term “greenkeeper” to explain the City’s groundsmen made a joke that his team shabby style of play might be the cause of damage to the pitch. He said:


A referee urinates at the center of the pitch seconds before blowing the kickoff Whistle. 

Tuchel “axe” the fines that Lampard imposed on Chelsea players. 

A prolific striker robbed of European Golden Shoe by the point system. 

“I’m not a greenkeeper so I cannot give you a solution, the reason why, but the reality is not good,”
“Maybe it’s because our quality of football isn’t good enough and we destroyed the grass, but I don’t know.
“They give me the reasons and they give the reasons to the club and we follow and say, ‘okay, this is what it is’, and we accept it because I cannot argue with them because I’m not a greenkeeper.”

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