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Graham Potter ‘considering’ recalling Chelsea winger currently on loan

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Graham Potter ‘considering’ recalling Chelsea winger currently on loan

This season, like every other, Chelsea has sent a lot of their talented players out on loan to other clubs so that they may get more playing time.

These decisions have been extremely important for the players’ development as well as for them to simply be able to play.

The transfer of Callum Hudson-Odoi to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga is an example of a move that has already demonstrated promising initial results.

Already gaining some quality playing time, it appears that Chelsea can put their  faith in him there. Because he wasn’t really receiving that under Thomas Tuchel’s tutelage, he needed to go out and play on a daily basis.

Hudson-Odoi, along with every other player on the team, has been given a new opportunity to make a good impression following the recent hiring of Graham Potter as the new manager of Chelsea. As we all know, this includes the youngster in question.

In point of fact, as will be shown below, Sport Bild in Germany is stating that Potter is even looking into the possibility of bringing Hudson-Odoi back from his loan stint earlier than expected.

They report that Potter was keen in bringing Hudson-Odoi on board with Brighton when he was there.

According to the conditions of the loan agreement, Chelsea has the option to take him back at any time throughout the month of January.

Graham Potter ‘considering’ recalling Chelsea winger currently on loan

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