Sunday, November 27, 2022

Goal drought at Chelsea was Timo Werner’s worst moment in his career.

Chelsea’s star Timo Werner has come out to elaborate how his recent goal drought at Chelsea proofed to be the worst time of his career but says things have really changed and he is currently feeling the flow again under Thomas Tuchel.

The former RB Leipzig player under Frank Lampard scored just one goal and provided only three assists for Chelsea in 19 appearances in all competitions despite his prowess of scoring at free will while playing for his former Bundesliga club. Werner strike came in the FA Cup against Morecambe that saw Chelsea’s form drop resulting in the sacking of Frank Lampard in January.

Timo Werner moved from RB Leipzig for £47.5m in the summer. He had scored 95 goals in 159 games for the German side as he was one of the most feared players in Germany. With all these achievements, there were high expectations of the player at Stamford Bridge. But the player admits how his goal drought made him struggle.


The player said how it became difficult for him to maintain a smile on his face all the time. To him, keeping a smile on his face was the most important thing because he couldn’t enjoy football when not happy. He however chose to be positive always and not mad as he saw this as the easiest step of being the old Timo. Behind his smile, he says there were a lot of days he couldn’t get on the scoresheet and also sometimes losing the game. The feelings weren’t good but smiling on the outside was the best way to keep going.

The period where he didn’t score proofed to be the worst time in his career as a player. He was never used to missing so many big chances as he did. He said he had never gone for such a long time without scoring. He believes those difficult times provided his best time in learning new things

Timoguilt is that if he could have scored four or five more goals with Lampard, the coach couldn’t have been sacked. He believes those goals could have won the team two or three more games. He however said he doesn’t look too much into the past because he has a lot of games ahead of him. He finally admits how the premier league has proofed to be harder than he had previously been told.


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