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From riches to rags. 10 footballers who became bankrupt

From riches to rags. 10 footballers who became bankrupt

Football is one of the well-paying sport. Many footballers enjoy a lucrative lifestyle, spending vacations, owning classy cars, beaches, just to mention.

Several footballers have found themselves struggling in life after the end of a well-paying sporting career. Here is the list of ten players who became poor after the end of their footballing career.

10. Paul Merson.

He was born on March 20 1968 in the UK. He was an attacking midfielder and also a playmaker during the time of his footballing carer. Merson played for Arsenal among other clubs where he earned a substantial amount of money. However, he struggled with alcohol, drugs, and gambling and blew a staggering £7million savings.

His marriage scattered due to struggle resulting from this kind of lifestyle. Out of his alcoholism, he was arrested for drunk driving while drunk in 2011 after he was involved in an accident.

Now as A Sky Sports pundit, Marson has always been honest on his fight with gambling and how it impacted negatively on his life.

9.Brad Friedel.

Brad Freidel

Born on May 18, 1971, Freidel had a long career in football as a goalkeeper. The USA international played for seven clubs, including Liverpool, Tottenham, and Aston Villa.

Despite his long career, he went bankrupt. He made an ambitious plan and started a soccer academy in Lorain, Ohio. This soccer academy was nonprofitable and cost him around £10m. 

After the 2008 financial crisis, he was unable to attract corporate sponsorship and had difficulty retaining his previous sponsorships, making him unable to run the academy.

He later closed down the project and filed for bankruptcy protection in the UK due to the debts that arose from the academy.

8. Keith Gillespie

The Nothern Ireland winger played for Manchester United. He left for Newcastle after a frustrating career at Old Trafford and enjoyed success. He played for other clubs including Leicester, Wigan, just a few to mention.

Kieth was addicted to gambling and lost over £7million as a result of his gambling activities. He was declared bankrupt by Belfast High Court in October 2010.

He wrote an autobiography “How Not To Be a Football Millionaire” which is inspirational on financial issues.

7.Lee Hendrie

Born on May 18th, 1977, the England Midfielder had a prosperous career playing for 11 years for Aston Villa.

He however lived an extravagant lifestyle and lost around £10 million in a property deal. He was declared in January 2012 by Her Majesty Revenue and Customs at the High Court.

Lee had two unsuccessful suicide attempts. He is now an ambassador of Young Minds and Footie Bugs.

6. Eric Djemba Djemba

Born on 4th, May 1981, the Cameroonian retired from football in 2016. He traveled far and had a career with several reputable clubs including Manchester United. 

In 2007 while playing for Chennaiyin FC, he declared himself bankrupt. His bankruptcy was brought about by his love for luxuries and flashy cars.  

He should have recovered by now since he continued playing for 9 years from the time he declared his bankruptcy.


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