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Frank Lampard provides the specifics of Steven Gerrard phone call during the Everton relegation battle

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As the former players prepare to face each other as managers for the first time, Everton manager discussed his relationship with Steven Gerrard.


Frank Lampard provides the specifics of Steven Gerrard phone call during the Everton relegation battle

As Everton manager Frank Lampard assessed his squad after arriving at Goodison Park, he sought Steven Gerrard’s opinion on Nathan Patterson.

Gerrard managed Patterson while at Rangers before leaving for Aston Villa in November of last year.

Patterson joined Everton in the January transfer window in a deal arranged prior to Lampard’s arrival.

As Lampard and Gerrard prepare to square off in the dugout for the first time, Lampard explained that he called Gerrard for his thoughts on the Scotland defender, adding, “I respect Stevie’s word – on what he thinks about football and just generally.”

Lampard and Gerrard were rivals on the domestic and European stages for Chelsea and Liverpool, but teammates for England on the international stage.

Opinions on how two of the best midfielders of their generation should have been used together as England’s “golden generation” struggled in major tournaments remain divided.

Playing the two alongside Michael Carrick may have been the best option for Lampard.

Lampard expressed his admiration for his opposite number ahead of Everton’s visit to Villa Park and their first meeting as managers.

 He said: “I wish him all the best because I know the demands of the job, and I hope he does well there.”

He stated that, while he was competitive as a player, his competitive streak extended to his overall approach, with his interest sparked by the accomplishments of many other midfielders.

He claimed that any rivalry between the two was the result of others, and that respect had always dominated their relationship.

When he’s in London, however, the question of who was the better player becomes a recurring theme of his taxi rides.

Lampard believes the pair were distinct players who were ultimately successful.

Asked about the development of their relationship, he said: “It was never really me against him, it wasn’t quite like that.

” In effect for a big part of our careers we didn’t see each other much. For England, yes, then you go back [to your clubs] and be competitive, and that’s just an undercurrent. That is all it was – and we both respected that. As we got a bit more mature, we became that little bit closer as you do, and then we both worked in the media, and we spent a little bit of time together. 

“At the end of that first year we both worked on the World Cup and Champions League final together, and I was just about to go to Derby County and he was getting into it too, and we spoke about it, but not that much.

“We messaged each other and met up a few times through circumstances and chatted about the job. And every job is different, every job is consuming and so we didn’t go into too much of it.

” I spoke to him when I came in here, and the experience of working with Nathan Patterson, because I wanted to get his opinion about Pats. I respect Stevie’s word, on what he thinks about football and just generally.”

Now that they are managers, they face different pressures than they did when they were players.

 Lampard stated that the managerial world is different from the playing world, and that regardless of their success on the field, they must prove themselves in their new roles.

He said: “You have to give your life to it. And I think ex-players who have become managers, some decide to do it and stick with it, some look at it and don’t do it because the job is completely different to being a player.

“The day is completely different and your family life is different. The experience of being a player at the top level as Steven was, and I was, for a long period of time is clearly something that can be a benefit but you have to translate that into coaching.”

Lampard wishes the best not just for Gerrard but other players-turned-managers like Scott Parker. He said: “It will be great if we have our version of success at whatever club we are at because I know the lads who are doing it. 

“They are getting to and staying in the Premier League because of their hard work. Maybe some people think there is an easy run from player to manager in the modern day but there isn’t. Every job that comes up you have to get in the queue with 20 other managers who have their own CVs from all over Europe.

” You have to show yourself, work hard, show your qualities and then when you get into the job try and have relative success. That looks different depending on where you are.”

Frank Lampard provides the specifics of Steven Gerrard phone call during the Everton relegation battle



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