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Footballers’ funny nicknames that you should know

Getting to be nicknamed is something many footballers cant avoid. The late Diego Maradona was nicknamed El Pibe de Oro which means ‘the golden boy’ during his heydays. Some Footballers’ funny nicknames are related to their behaviors and qualities.

The Press once labeled the Portugues star Cristiano Ronaldo as  The Sultan of the Stepover. Here are some of the players who had funny nicknames:

Sead Kolasinac (The Tank)

 Arsenal added Sead Kolasinac into their teams, hoping they were adding some real heavy artillery.

 Kolasinac was nicknamed De Panzer (The Tank) by the Germany Bundesliga Schalke fans because of his bulky frame.

He’s now probably looking for war… on the pitch with this Shalke team that regards him of his bulky frame.

Alexis Sanchez (The Squirrel)

Alexis’s current nickname suits his given his current star status. He is called “El Nino Maravilla.” which means wonder child.

Apart from El Nino Maravilla, he was called La Ardilla, which means the squirrel.

He was given that nickname since he loved to climb trees while he was a kid.

Sergio Aguero (Kun)

With the name appearing on the back of his jersey for years, fans may be mistaken to believe this is his real name. but this is just a nickname.

His grandparents gave him this nickname as they resembled him to the character Kum-Kum from a Japanese cartoon.

Aguero at one time admitted to being in love with his nickname. 

“I have grown to appreciate it because it’s unique,” 

“It’s not every day an athlete is nicknamed after a cartoon character!”

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa (Hulk)

Did you know Hulk is a nickname!

Gavanildo is referred to by the name Hulk everywhere. However, his last name goes by the name de Sousa.

Hulk is a moniker coined because of his resemblance to Lou Ferrigno from the 70’s TV series, who played The Incredible Hulk.

Hulk seems a suitable name for Givanildo, a player who is built more like a boxer than a footballer.

Paul Pogba (The Joker) ( Il Polpo Paul)

Two nicknames for The French midfielder.

 La Pioche, which is ‘The Joker’ when translated to English.

Paul Pogba explained: “I took it. It’s from a movie, but it wasn’t used the same way (as Batman).”

“In the film, it’s a con man who tricked the village. I’m tricking you now. I’m doing the Pog Trick.”

While playing at Italian giants Juventus, he was referred to as ‘The Octopus’ 

Octopus was coined as a match of his long limbs and gangly frame.

Lionel Messi (The Flea)

The Catalans fans have always been big Messi supporters but giving him the nickname La Pulga isn’t funny.

Fleas are seen as filthy specimens, which just isn’t fair regarding Messi’s football abilities.

However, this nickname stuck because he’s a pest to the opposition and diminutive size compounds everything.

 Philipp Lahm (The Magic Dwarf) (Wireless).

The former Bayern Munich star had two weird nicknames.

Lahm was referred to as Wireless due to his ability to play anywhere on the pitch.

The magical dwarf was coined from his ability on the pitch despite his small size. He was just 5’6″ tall.


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