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Finance experts tell Glazers precisely what will happen in they do not sell Man United

Finance experts tell Glazers precisely what will happen in they do not sell Man United

The financial advisors of the Glazer family, who own Manchester United , have cautioned them about the potential negative response from fans if they decide to change their stance and remain in control of the club.

It’s widely known that the Glazers are exploring options to sell the team.

Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe are the two primary contenders to become the new owners of Manchester United.

They are anticipated to engage in discussions with top-level United executives during the second phase of the bidding process.

Throughout the takeover saga, there has been speculation regarding the possibility of the Glazers retaining ownership of Manchester United.

Bidders have expressed concerns that the Glazers may not be genuinely interested in selling the club and leaving the English football arena.

Furthermore, there have been reports of internal conflicts among the Glazer siblings, which could further complicate the potential sale of the team.

According to recent reports, four members of the Glazer family are in favor of selling Manchester United, but Joel and Avram Glazer are hesitant about relinquishing control of the club. The Glazers have owned the team since 2005.

However, financial advisors from Rothschild have advised the Glazers against remaining in charge of Manchester United, indicating potential negative repercussions for the family if they do not follow through with the sale.

“Understand that Rothschild advisors have outlined to the Glazers in recent weeks the projected impact of them remaining at the club. This has also factored in fan outrage should that scenario occur.”

Ben Jacobs’ report highlights that the Glazer family is fully aware that Manchester United fans are demanding a complete sale of the club.

The supporters’ discontent with the Glazers’ ownership has been a long-standing issue, and the family understands that selling only a portion of the team or retaining partial control would not satisfy the fans.

“Avram Glazer was expecting protests at the League Cup Final so not particularly surprised by the chants and banners, but sources say he felt it important to attend.

“He [Avram Glazer] is well aware the fanbase wants a full sale.”

Finance experts tell Glazers precisely what will happen in they do not sell Man United

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