HomeTop NewsEngland teammates mock Arsenal's Bukayo Saka's shot in training.

England teammates mock Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka’s shot in training.

England teammates mock Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka’s shot in training.

Arsenal wonderkid Bukayo Saka had England teammates bawling with laughter after one of his shots in Three Lions practice yesterday.

The Arsenal teenager has drawn huge applause after glowing against the Czech Republic and Germany, but at least we know he’s human now.

In one of England’s shooting practices ahead of tonight’s Euro 2020 semi-final with Denmark, Arsenal sensation fluffed his lines.

Graeme Jones pinged a pass into him, and Saka’s touch on his left foot had one England teammate yelling ‘chest it man!’

Saka then thrashed a left-footed strike over the crossbar, with Jude Bellingham waving him away in what seemed to be a knockout tournament.

England teammates were laughing away at Saka, yelling ‘see you later’, ‘get out’ and ‘he’s out’ whilst Saka begged with coach Chris Powell to let him stay in the competition.


Players shouted over to Powell not to allow Saka back in, and the Arsenal teenager had to view on as Phil Foden and Reece James outdid.

Saka missed Saturday’s 4-0 thrashing of Ukraine with a small injury but is now back ready for tonight’s game with Denmark.

If he plays a part, he will hope to do better in front of the goal than he did in training yesterday.

The 19-year-old did a fine job in neutralizing the influence of Germany’s Robin Gosens before being replaced by Jack Grealish, whose introduction saw Sterling swap sides.

While Saka’s direct running and fearlessness has won him lots of admirers in the past fortnight, the most important reason in favor of him being recalled today is that of all the options available to Southgate he is unquestionably the most diligent off the ball.

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England teammates mock Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka’s shot in training.

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