‘Devastated’ player hints he was forced out of the club, a decision that Liverpool might soon regret.

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‘Devastated’ player hints he was forced out of the club, a decision that Liverpool might soon regret.

‘Devastated’ player hints he was forced out of the club, a decision that Liverpool might soon regret.

Georginio Wijnaldum has suggested that there is a bigger motivation for why he left the club, with the public opinion being a dispute over wages and the length of his commitment.

The Dutchman’s contract with Liverpool lapse at the end of this month and he will then be free to play for Barcelona, with his switch to Camp Nou pending.

Yet, he has now addressed mysteriously about how his experience at Anfield came to a close, with Gini seeming to suggest that something shameful happened to drive him out of the club.

He said:
“I am still busy saying goodbye to Liverpool. I am still emotional because I got a goodbye that not many players got before me. Why I left, you will hear again [why I left]. It will. The club also has to do with the fact that I am gone.”

From his narrative, it is not clear what to make of Wijnaldum’s quotes but it appears as though he didn’t want to leave and that he was forced out.

As he asserts, the real reason why he is leaving Liverpool is strange and there hasn’t been any concrete knowledge presented by the media to reveal why his deal is being run down.

Someone may believe it’s because he wanted a new venture and Barcelona can offer him that which might be somewhat true but an interview he conducted just two months ago confirms leaving is not solely down to him.

During a press interview, Wijnaldum was questioned directly about his fate at the club, to which he replied:
“That’s the only thing I can say; it’s not that I’m not happy and I have to leave or anything like that.

“But it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is to make decisions for your future. It always depends on the situation, but that I will be devastated that I will not be able to play with this team anymore? For sure.”


While all indications point toward this account not being fully told, Its become even more complicated to figure out why he would be pushed out of the club or why Liverpool wouldn’t want to keep him after his service the last five years.

Since he joined the club, he has played the most games with 237 appearances in all competitions averaging out to 47.4 games per season.

In fact, he’s only missed a total of 13 games over injury over the progression of his Liverpool career with three of those games coming due to illness which doesn’t really count as an injury.

A key quality of a world-class player is availability. It’s the same reason why Mohamed Salah has been the highest-scoring player in England since he joined the club in 2017 – he just doesn’t get injured.

With Wijnaldum set to exit the club, Jurgen Klopp might be bothered about next season when you look a bit closer at his midfield prospects and their own injury records.

Fabinho is made of steel and rarely misses a match although he did have an ankle injury last summer which saw him miss 13 games that happened during the most intense period of the season.

Beyond him, the club’s engine room is filled with crocks. Jordan Henderson is so great to Liverpool but he has missed more games due to injury than Naby Keita, Thiago was injury inclined before he moved to Anfield and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has missed 346 days of football since 2018.

That makes for an availability ratio of just 57% which simply isn’t good enough.

Then there’s James Milner and Curtis Jones. The former is 35 years old and is near the end of his career and has had six different injuries this summer.

The latter is still young and while he has displayed great promise, he is too green to be trusted as a guaranteed starter.

In short, if Liverpool consciously forced Wijnaldum out of the club and it wasn’t about wages, then they will live to regret their decision.

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‘Devastated’ player hints he was forced out of the club, a decision that Liverpool might soon regret.

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