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Court told Manchester City ‘allowed Benjamin Mendy to continue playing and partying despite the rape allegation

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Court told Manchester City ‘allowed Benjamin Mendy to continue playing and partying despite the rape allegation

A court heard that Manchester City allowed alleged ‘predator’ Benjamin Mendy to continue playing football and partying despite the fact that the defender had already ‘endangered’ the lives of women.

The 28-year-old defender’s trial continued yesterday  (August 23) at Chester Crown Court.

Mr Mendy has been charged with eight counts of rape, five counts of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault.

The alleged offenses occurred on five separate occasions at his home between October 2018 and August of last year, involving seven women in total. Mr Mendy denies all of the allegations.

The court heard testimony from Woman Three yesterday  afternoon. Mr. Mendy is accused of sexually assaulting her on January 2, 2021, less than three months after he is accused of raping Woman Two.

Eleanor Laws QC, defending Mr Mendy, asked woman three if she had discussed suing Manchester City because of what allegedly happened to her with the detective in the case.

“Yes because if he had been stopped before the party on New Year’s Day what happened to me would never have happened or what happened to anyone else would not have happened either.

“They let a predator continue playing and putting other girls at risk. The message was him being allowed to continue to play when he was endangering other lives. What happened to me was nothing compared to the other girls.”

The court heard that Woman Three has made or is pursuing no claims against Manchester City. She added: “I made a comment that was said out of anger in the moment.

“He was allowed to continue his everyday life as normal, allowed to go training, play games, go to parties and go clubbing like nothing was wrong. Like he had done nothing wrong.”

Jurors were shown a police interview in which Woman Three described being with three friends ‘playing games and drinking’ at Mr Mendy’s home in Prestbury, Cheshire, before being sexually assaulted. “I was walking towards the island, and he was coming back this way,” she told police.

“He grabbed my vagina. I turned around to go to the bathroom thinking ‘what has just happened?’.

“I was going to the bathroom to smoke but the door was locked. He came to open the door and I went into the bathroom and we were facing each other and he gestured to give me oral sex.”

Woman Three admitted to the officer interviewing her that she and her friends were “very intoxicated” and considered leaving, but instead chose to stay.

. She described Mr Mendy later apologising, adding: “He said he was really sorry and that he didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable.

“He was almost childish. It was like I was telling him off and he realised what he had done.”

Ms Laws told Woman Three that her client had ‘brushed her leg’ rather than touching her vagina, which the complainant refuted. When asked why she stayed, Woman Three told the court,:”There was no means of leaving.

“My friend was the driver and she was intoxicated. We weighed up our options but we would have to come back for the car or order an Uber to the middle of nowhere.”

Mr Mendy joined Manchester City in 2017 and spent more than a full season with the club before the first alleged attempted rape occurred in October 2018.

Louis Saha Matturie, 41, of Eccles, Salford, has also pleaded not guilty to eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault involving eight women.

Court told Manchester City ‘allowed Benjamin Mendy to continue playing and partying despite the rape allegation



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