Saturday, December 3, 2022

“Conte lacked management skills, but he is a great coach.” Willian

Former Chelsea winger has come out openly explaining what exactly went wrong with now Inter Millan coach  Antonio Conte during the Italian time at Stamford Bridge. Willian said Conte lacked management skills, but he is a great coach.

Willian believes that the tenure of the Italian was shorter due to his lack of management skills. According to Willian, Conte did not have the skills on how to manage groups. This made him encounter a lot of problems with several players with Willian included.

The Arsenal winger believes that Conte failed to understand that Chelsea had different players from different countries. He did not differentiate between players who were too important to the club and those who were considered stars.

Conte was however a very great coach. William also praised the coach saying he had some ideas. He was very good tactically and defensively smart. In the field, he was a very hardworking person. His way of working had no issues at all.

Despite all his shortcomings, Willian believes the coach was a very great man. He managed to guide Chelsea to a Premier League title. During his coaching tenure, the team really fit by his tactics and way of playing. Chelsea was able to take almost all of their opponents by surprise using the 3-4-3 formation.

Conte left Chelsea in 2018 and was replaced by his fellow Italian tactician Maurizio Sarri. Willian termed Sarri as a coach who employed a lot of tactics and placed a lot of emphasis on set pieces and attacking movements, a style of play that was totally different from his predecessor.

Willian spent a total of seven years at Stamford Bridge after joining Chelsea from Russian Anzhi Mackachkala in 2013. The former Shakhtar Donestk midfielder went to join Arsenal for a free transfer after his contract with Chelsea came to an end. He has however come under constant criticism as he has failed to maintain his standard.