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Clubs could earn more than they earn in the Champions League in the new Super League competition.

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With 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs agreeing on plans to create a breakaway ‘Super League’ competition. It has been revealed that the participating Clubs could earn more than what they earn in the Champions League in the new Super League competition.

Clubs that have agrred with the plans to join Super League includes Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, the Premier League’s ‘Big Six,’ who have been joined by Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and Barcelona.

The teams intending to join have received Super League widespread condemnation from everyone in football, while the decision has left football fans are understandably annoyed.

Reports by  New York Times indicate that the Super League involved teams could earn up to $400 million a year from the competition with which the format of the competition would likely see those involved initially be guaranteed their place in the competition, unlike the Champions League, whilst also earning them nearly four times what UEFA’s current offering is.

Clubs from France and Germany have rejected the chance to be involved or haven’t been invited. Both Bayern Munich and France side PSG, have rejected the Super League so far, with a PSG claiming that the club opted to be ‘loyal’ to UEFA.


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Other reports suggest that a €6 billion fund from JP Morgan behind the project with subscription service DAZN paying $3.5 billion for television rights, which is likely to be worldwide exclusive considering it’s an online service.

The competition will involve 20 clubs with the 15 founding clubs set to be included in the 20 clubs competing for teams.

The competing teams would then be split into two main groups, with the top three in each group qualifying automatically for the quarter-finals and fourth and fifth in each group competing in play-offs to book a place for the final two knock-out spots.

An announcement made on Sunday indicates that the plans were originally in place for the competition to start in two years’ time but they could actually start in August.

It is understood that the Champions League was reportedly set to announce plans for a revamp in its format on Monday, with plans to hand more power to the continent’s biggest clubs.

The Champions League competition was due to increase to 36 teams, from 32, with the extra four places going to historically successful sides, as to remove the chance of sides missing out on the Champions League, in the case of Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, and Borussia Dortmund this season.


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Clubs could earn more than they earn in the Champions League in the new Super League competition.


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