Casemiro has played entire career with wrong name on shirt – including Man Utd

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Casemiro has played entire career with wrong name on shirt – including Man Utd

Casemiro, a midfielder for  Manchester United, has worn the incorrect name on the back of his shirt for his entire career.

The Brazilian midfielder, who joined United this summer from Real Madrid, has Casemiro spelled with an e on the back of his shirt. His name, however, is Carlos Henrique Casimiro (with an I).

He has explained that the difference in spelling stems in part from a superstition he encountered during his time in Sao Paulo.

When the 30-year-old takes the field with the incorrect spelling, it is due to an error that has not been corrected in over a decade, but he had a hand in ensuring that it was not corrected.

“So the thing is, my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro, with an ‘I’ there,” Casemiro told Football Focus. “I remember that I played a game for Sao Paulo and they got my name wrong. They wrote it with an ‘E’.

“I played really well in that game and as I’m a superstitious person, I said to them ‘just leave it like that, as things are going well’. So the name stuck, but my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro.

“It was a mistake made in one game, the name stuck and I said: ‘No need to change it, leave it as it is’.”

Casemiro, or should it be Casimiro, has demonstrated his value to Erik ten Hag’s squad since establishing himself in United’s first team.

However, he missed a crucial trip to Arsenal due to suspension and now faces additional time on the sidelines after receiving a straight red card in a league victory against Crystal Palace.

The former Real Madrid player was dismissed by referee Andre Marriner following a VAR review after wrapping his arms around Palace midfielder Will Hughes’ neck.

Before he returns to domestic play in the Carabao Cup final, he will miss two league games against Leeds and one against Leicester.

“Casemiro crossed the line; you saw that,” Man Utd’s manager accepted after the match at Old Trafford. However, I’m unhappy with the inconsistent refereeing; not only this game but also [away to] Palace.

“They elbowed Martinez and last week with Eriksen. A lot of other players crossed the line, including some Crystal Palace players. VAR didn’t intervene with them.”

Casemiro has played entire career with wrong name on shirt – including Man Utd

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