Monday, December 5, 2022

Belize WC qualifier team held up by gunmen in Haiti.

Belize national team had just arrived at Haiti Island for a World Cup qualifying fixture when the team found itself in a very tough situation after being held by gunmen.

Haiti gunmen
Haiti gunmen

Belize National team squad, which is ranked at 170th in the global football ranking, was heading to the hotel after arriving safely at the airport. On their way, a group of men on motorbikes armed with guns pulled them over as scenes of horror unfolded.

  As reported by TMZ, the armed men could be heard shouting ‘pullover or else!’. Belize national team had a four-man police escort but the gunmen who arrived in their droves outnumbered them.

According to the statement released by the Belize Football Federation, police escorts were forced to enter into a negotiation with the armed group to allow the journey to proceed. However, much information on the gunmen’s demands is still not known.

The Belize Football Federation statement released a statement that read: “Despite the four-man police escort, the team bus was stopped by an uproar of insurgents with assault rifles on motorcycles and police escorts with forced to negotiate.


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“The situation is one that the team should never have faced but we are pleased to report that our Jaguars, although shaken by the terrible experience, are safely at their hotel.”

Don McCauley, one of Belize’s team members, described the moment as ‘intense fear.’

Don McCauley said: “I am happy that everyone is safe and I commend you guys for being brave. It was a moment of intense fear.

“Let’s continue to stick together and please make the best decisions when it comes to the team.”

After the whole horror, Fifa was contacted with the authorities concerned promising to do everything possible in order to land the Belize national team members to safer grounds.


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