Barcelona Faces Backlash for ‘Disrespectful’ Lionel Messi Statement Following Inter Transfer

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Barcelona Faces Backlash for ‘Disrespectful’ Lionel Messi Statement Following Inter Transfer

BARCELONA has faced backlash for issuing a statement that was deemed as lacking respect, following Lionel Messi’s confirmation of his transfer to Inter Miami.

The 35-year-old Messi will be departing PSG once his contract concludes in the summer, and there were ongoing negotiations between Barcelona and the Argentine to facilitate his return.

However, due to Barcelona’s financial challenges and Messi’s apprehensions about returning to the spotlight, the move became unattainable, ultimately leading the iconic player to opt for America as his next destination.

In response, Barca said a statement which read: “President Laporta understood and respected Messi’s decision to want to compete in a league with fewer demands, further away from the spotlight and the pressure he has been subject to in recent years.

“Both Joan Laporta and Jorge Messi also agreed to work together to promote a proper tribute from Barca fans to honour a footballer who has been, is, and always will be beloved by Barca.”

But fans reacted furiously as one said: “That Barcelona statement was so unnecessary and disrespectful.”

Another added: “This was not necessary to tweet.

“Clearly a PR move by you admin, it’s sad because this is my own club as well lmao but nah you guys should not have made this post literally just trying to make us look good yet again when we aren’t in the right”

One raged: “This is low from Barcelona.

“Considering they are talking about their best player in club history. Don’t patronise his decision. He can do what he wants.”

In conversations with Diario Sport and Mundo Deportivo, Messi confirmed his decision to join Inter Miami after his potential return to Barcelona fell through.

He said: “

The Argentinian World Cup winner told Mundo Deportivo and Sport: “I’ve been supporting Barca during the year. I’m a fan.

“I spoke to (manager) Xavi a lot, we discussed and we always had frequent exchanges.

“I heard reports of La Liga giving the green light but the truth is that many, really many things were still missing in order to make my return to Barca happen

“I didn’t want to be responsible for them to sell players or reduce salaries. I was tired.”

Messi added: “I really wanted to return to Barça, I had that dream.

“But after what happened two years ago, I did not want to be in the same situation again, leaving my future in the hands of someone else.

“After winning the World Cup and not being able to go to Barca, it’s time to go to MLS to live football in a different way and enjoy my day to day life more.

“Obviously with the same responsibility and desire to win, and to do things well, but with more calm.”

Barcelona Faces Backlash for ‘Disrespectful’ Lionel Messi Statement Following Inter Transfer

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