Saturday, December 3, 2022

Barcelona elects Joan Laporta as their new President

The 58 years old was the favourite to clinch the Catalans presidential election. Barcelona elects Joan Laporta who won by 58.3 per cent of the votes beating Font who managed 31 per cent. Frexia collected just 9.3 per cent of the votes cast.
per cent.

Laporta had held the post previously from 2003 to 2010. Of the total votes cast, he managed to get 30,184 votes out of a total of 51,983 votes cast. Barcelona players among them Lionel Messi together with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alaba were among the people who cast their votes to determine the successor of Josep Maria Bartomeu who stepped down on October days before the planned vote of no confidence against his board was to be cast.

With Barcelona lagging behind Atletico Madrid and after suffering a 4-1 defeat to PSG, interim President Carlos Tusquets will now breath relief as he hands over power. Carlos had had very tough times in managing the Catalans with the club plunging into high debts levels of over 1billion Euros compounded by clubs investigation and arrests at the clubs’ headquarters on March 3rd.

The votes to elect the clubs’ president was previously scheduled for January 24th but was pushed for another six week due to the outbreak and high rate of Covid 19 during the scheduled date.

Laporta previous era saw the club enjoy one of the most successful periods when the club managed to win 12 major trophies and also their first treble under Pep Guardiola. Blaugrana’s fans have now high hopes that Laporta can restore the clubs lost glory.

Opposing candidate Frexia congratulated Laporta for his victory and pledged his support for the club new President. He also added that Laporta’s victory doesn’t give room for any discussions as the high voter turnout legitimised his win.

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