Barcelona boss Xavi disagrees with Pep Guardiola on racism in Spain amid Vinicius Jr abuse

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Barcelona boss Xavi disagrees with Pep Guardiola on racism in Spain amid Vinicius Jr abuse

Xavi, the manager of Barcelona, has shared his perspective on the racism controversy in Spanish football, highlighting his contrasting views with his former teammate Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola had previously voiced his skepticism about the prospects of racism improving in Spain in the near future. The manager of Manchester City made this statement following the widely publicized incident of abuse directed at Vinicius Junior during Real Madrid’s loss to Valencia, which garnered attention across Europe.

Expressing a lack of optimism for the future based on his extensive experience as a player and manager in Spain, Guardiola acknowledged the challenges surrounding racism in the country. However, Xavi, who had the opportunity to play alongside and be coached by Guardiola during their time at Barcelona, emphasized that he holds a different perspective on the matter.

“They should,” Guardiola said when asked if La Liga should learn from the Premier League when it comes to racism. “Here they are so strict.

“They know what they have to do. The problem is that there is racism everywhere. Not just for gender, but for colour, for attitudes.

“Hopefully it can be one step to getting better in Spain but I’m not optimistic. I know a little bit about the country and I’m not really optimistic. There are a lot of black people stepping forward to defend what they should not have to defend.”

Xavi, however, didn’t share his compatriot’s assessment, explaining his position in the lead-up to champions Barca hosting Mallorca on Sunday. “I disagree with Pep. And I agree with him on almost eveerything, but not here,” he told Marca (via Football Espana ).

“It is an educational issue. If we stay as we are, we will not advance but if the game stops the other day and they go home, we are educating. Insult are not normal [at work]. It is a matter for the state, federations, government, LaLiga…”.

Vinicius Junior’s red card against Valencia was overturned, freeing him up to feature against Rayo Vallecano in midweek. However, the Brazilian was given a night off by manager Carlo Ancelotti and also sat out Saturday’s win at Sevilla.

“We have been complaining about this abuse all season and nothing!” Ancelotti told the media after the Valencia game “It has reached the point where the manager must consider taking off his player because the game is not being stopped. There is something wrong with this league if this happens.

“We have a problem, he does not have a problem,” the Italian added. “For me Vinicius is the greatest player in the world, the strongest. La Liga has a problem. With this racism, for me they have to stop the game. There is no other way. Vini is very sad, angry, but more sadness. It cannot happen.”

Barcelona boss Xavi disagrees with Pep Guardiola on racism in Spain amid Vinicius Jr abuse

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