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‘Bad for football’ Thiago Silva set for early Chelsea management role as he continues to defy the laws of ageing

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‘Bad for football’ Thiago Silva set for early Chelsea management role as he continues to defy the laws of ageing

If Chelsea fans are not convinced by Todd Boehly’s proposals for English football or the Premier League, that could change if he develops a cloning device. 

An anti-aging serum would also work in Thiago Silva’s peculiar condition, but he does not appear to age like mortal humans.

Yesterday, September 22nd, was  Silva’s 38th birthday, and he is already approaching a realm of unparalleled accomplishment.

He won the Champions League at age 36 and has played 89 times for the Blues since joining at age 35.

His rolling contract, which will soon become a matter of discussion again when it is determined if he is prepared to start a fourth season in London, will shortly be revisited. 

Given his success and level of performance so far this season – possibly ignoring the mistake he made against RB Salzburg in Graham Potter’s first game – Silva is likely to have the final say.

Due to the standards that Silva has set at Chelsea, being not only one of the most consistent players during his three years at Stamford Bridge but also not decreasing his performances for Frank Lampard or Thomas Tuchel, it is reasonable that an offer will remain in place until he declines it.

Despite a language barrier, the Brazilian has adapted to life at Chelsea superbly, and despite being one of the best defenders of his generation 10 years ago, he appears to have improved with age.

At 38 years old, he is the oldest player currently participating in the league, and he has played every available minute for Chelsea this season.

He is currently the oldest outfielder to ever play for the club and ranks third all-time.

On a list of the oldest players who have ever played in the Premier League, he is not yet in the top 50. However, if he played for the rest of the season, he would be in the top 15 oldest outfield players.

Even though it’s a big if, given how Chelsea has started the season and how they’re likely to rebuild, if Potter were to win the league with Chelsea this season, he would be the only player older than Ryan Giggs to ever do so.

The former winger for Manchester United played his last game in May 2014, at the age of 40 and 5 months. 

Paul Scholes, a teammate of Giggs, also won the league when he was 38, but if Silva wins it this season, he will almost certainly be older than Scholes by the end of the year.

At this point in a player’s career, and often much earlier, they start thinking about getting coaching badges so they can become managers. Silva has already started this, and Tite, who is in charge of the national team, thinks he is good at it.

“He will be a good coach,” the coach said. “And he’s bad for football. Do you know why he’s bad for football? Because he makes things so easy and they’re hard as hell. He manages to make the clearest, most lucid, transparent decisions with impressive technical performance.”

Silva has been called up to play for his country in the next international matches and is likely to play a role in the winter World Cup in Qatar. Although he already has 109 caps for his country, he is a vital member of the defence.

Although there is still a long way to go in the season and Potter’s management of Silva will be questioned, especially after international games, the defender is already one of the best value-for-money signings Chelsea has ever made, and given that he is prone to showing weakness at his age, he will continue to prove that point.

‘Bad for football’ Thiago Silva set for early Chelsea management role as he continues to defy the laws of ageing

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