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‘Aubameyang is turning into another Ozil.’ Arteta warned.

Aubameyang is turning into another Ozil

Jamie Carragher has warned Mikel Arteta on Aubameyang’s current Arsenal situation. The former Liverpool legend turned Sky Sports football expert and columnist now feels that Aubameyang is turning into another Ozil after questioning the striker’s recent form, where he is seen to be ‘lazy.’

After months of speculation last summer, Aubameyang finally signed a new contract which saw him earn nearer £350,000 a week including loyalty and bonuses. However, the Gabon international has ever since struggled for form, just recording 9 premier league goals this season.

Carragher has questioned what the striker brings to the Arsenal team when he is not on the scoresheet. He said:

“I think Aubameyang’s performances this season have been lazy, at times. I don’t care how many goals he gets – he’s won golden boots in the past – but he’s definitely a player who doesn’t bring anything to this team if he doesn’t score a goal, and that’s a big problem.


“I watched him last week at West Ham, and I’ve watched him four or five times this season, and I’m thinking I need more. I need more from you, and that’s exactly what we saw on Saturday against Liverpool.
“He was late for the north London derby and the manager took a big decision, and it paid off. I’m expecting a reaction from Aubameyang. He then plays midweek, misses a few chances and he’s not at his best in the Europa League game.

“I watched him at West Ham and I’d go as far as to say it is one of the worst performances I’ve seen this season. I was commentating on the game and when he went off the pitch in the 77th minute, Arsenal scored and he celebrated with (Alexandre) Lacazette, and I said that’s the most energetic I’ve seen him this season.

“He then gets brought off again against Liverpool. This is your star man getting taken off in the last two games on the back of me wanting to see a reaction.”

Aubameyang is the highest-paid Arsenal player but Carragher is concerned that the player is not living to the level expected. He likened him to the former Arsenal playerMesut Ozil.

“I think there will be a big worry at Arsenal and for Mikel Arteta that they may have another Mesut Ozil situation where they give someone a big contract at £300,000 or £350,000-a-week,”
“Good luck to him, but you’ve got to justify that.”


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