Sunday, November 27, 2022

Arteta Insists Aubameyang must respect his teammates.

The Arsenal team captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was left on the bench in the Arsenal 2-1 derby win against their bitter rivals Tottenham. Arteta attributed dropping his striker was as a result of “breach of protocol “ after the striker had allegedly turned up late for the derby.

The Gunners boss insisted that the club has its way to live together and everyone must show respect to each other. The Spaniard said:

“We have a way of living together. We have to respect each other and that’s it.
“He was going to start the game, we had a disciplinary issue, we have drawn the line and we move on.
“We have a process that we have to respect for every game and that’s it
“It was a decision made after evaluating everything and who Auba is and what he’s done.
“We have other players who can play. Recently we have changed the team quite a lot and there are players who are willing to play and deserve a chance, so I’m comfortable with that.
“I made what I thought was the right decision. We draw a line there. Now let’s move on again.
“We know how important Auba is for us, for the club. That’s it. That’s been dealt with so let’s move on.”


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The Arsenal captain has been having a habit of not being punctual. The Spanish disciplinarian was asked whether his striker accepted the punishment and said he hopes so.

Speaking on discipline, Arteta said:

“Because for me is the foundation and the platform that we can build something medium and long term that is sustainable. That can bring us joy and happiness.
“Without that, I don’t believe that it would happen. That’s why I keep talking about it and acting on it.”