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Arsene Wenger’s serious allegations regarding English Premier League following failed Super League project.

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Arsene Wenger’s serious allegations regarding English Premier League following failed Super League project.

Arsene Wenger makes serious allegations regarding English Premier League following failed Super League project.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has sensationally claimed the rest of Europe ‘dream of destroying the Premier League’ as he aimed took a dig into the failed Super League plot.

The 71 years old Wenger has claimed now he believes the European Super League was ‘dead from the start.’ Wenger has also directed his critics to the Premier League Big Six for initially agreeing to take part in the ESL.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham all signed up to be among the 12 ‘founding members’ before withdrawing following an incredible backlash from fans.

Despite nine of the 12 clubs pulling out, Real Madrid chief and European Super League frontrunner Florentino Perez has claimed that the ESL competition is still alive and that the Premier League teams pulling out is not official.

And now, Arsene Wenger has told The Telegraph:

“It was born dead. From the start, I couldn’t believe it would work.


“The most surprising in all that was the English behavior.

“Everybody dreams of destroying the Premier League in Europe. In England, we do it ourselves.

“I can’t understand the rationality behind that because England voted for Brexit and now they want to bring a Super League.”

“The English has the strongest league.
“The Super League would destroy, 100 percent, the Premier League.
“The basis of our sporting culture in Europe is to have access through your performances to top-level competition.

“I don’t understand how anybody could believe that capping the link between the domestic league and access to the top league would pass and would be accepted by the fans.

“The rest is how amateurish all that looked in the presentation, in the preparation.
“You worry quite a lot about how our top clubs are managed.
“It looked to be a quick fix for the financial problems that these clubs have.”

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