Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham sent a major Kylian Mbappe warning with a brutal assessment

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham sent a major Kylian Mbappe warning with a brutal assessment

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham have all received stern warnings from Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher regarding Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe is said to want to leave Paris Saint-Germain in the January transfer window, but he does not want to join Real Madrid, who were linked with him earlier this year.

Mbappe, 23, has previously been linked with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur, with recent reports fueling further speculation about his future at the Parc des Princes Stadium.

PSG director Luis Campos denied rumors that the France international wanted to leave the club, saying he has “never been told” by Mbappe that he wants to leave.

The PSG superstar will demand a large transfer fee to be lured away from the reigning Ligue 1 champions, and any club that has a bid accepted will almost certainly need to back it up with a massive wage package.

On CBS Sports Golazo’s Champions League coverage, Henry and Carragher discussed the Mbappe saga and agreed on their harsh assessment of the 23-year-old.

Henry said: “We know he doesn’t like it [current position]. Nobody likes to be exposed to what you’re not good at, but there is something bigger than anybody else: the club.

“Did they [PSG] make him feel that the club was the most important thing or did they make him feel that he was more important than the club? For me, I will use my own experience and stories, I didn’t like to play high and wide at Barcelona, I hated it. But, I had to do it for the team.

“I didn’t like after how many goals I scored for France and how many caps I had, that I had to go and play on the left. I always remember the one rule though, if the boss asks you to do something, you do it for the good of the team. You’re team is winning! If you’re team is losing, I would’ve understood it [wanting to leave].”

Carragher immediately questioned Henry about what could have prompted Mbappe’s decision to leave PSG just months after signing a new contract extension until 2025.

Carragher said: “It felt like over the summer they didn’t make him the star of the team, it was almost like he became the director of football. It was like he was choosing the coach, choosing the players, do you think they gave him too much power?”

Henry responded: “I don’t know what they actually promised him because from the outside it looks like he never heard a ‘no’ in his life. I don’t like to speculate but I talk about what I can see.”

Carragher added: “We’ve all been there as players [playing in an unfavoured position] and at times you do have to do it for the team, it’s how long it lasts really. The thing I have is; why is it coming out now? You’ve got a Champions League game to deal with!

“We all love Mbappe, he’s amazing. But there’s too much ego, power, for a young player and I think as Thierry said, someone needs to just tell him ‘no’.”

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham sent a major Kylian Mbappe warning with a brutal assessment