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Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard gives honest reaction to Rodri’s horror tackle

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard gives honest reaction to Rodri’s horror tackle

Martin Odegaard, who leads Arsenal, maintains that he deserved a penalty after being tackled forcefully by Rodri during the Euro 2024 qualifier on Saturday.

 Although Spain won 3-0 against Norway in Malaga, the outcome might have varied if Rodri’s tackle had been penalized, according to Odegaard.

Odegaard was left in pain as a result of Rodri’s late tackle in the Spain 18-yard box. Odegaard fired a shot before Rodri arrived and eliminated his opponent.

Arsenal supporters were immediately concerned about their captain, who has been instrumental in the team’s pursuit of a first Premier League championship in 19 years. 

The fact that it was a City player who committed the foul infuriated fans on social media even more as Pep Guardiola’s squad chases down the Gunners for the league lead.

The tackle went unpunished, and Spain went on to win the match by a score of 3-0. Odegaard discussed the incident after the match and was adamant that a penalty should have been given.

However, he didn’t want to criticise the referee too much in fear of being punished himself. Odegaard told TV2: “I’m pretty sure I should have had a penalty. He’s coming with his studs right on my ankle.

“But I’m sure I’ll get punished [if I say anymore]. I don’t bother saying anything else about the referee. It’s better not to say anything.”

Stale Solbakken, the manager of Norway, was also unable to comprehend the ruling made by Benoit Bastien, a referee from France.

The ex-Wolves manager said: “He finishes the shot and you can’t [foul him after]. If I knock someone down after the ball is gone, then it’s a penalty. I get a little bored of this.

“What I see here now [on the replay] is exactly what I saw from the bench. There was a bit of French arrogance going on. That’s the way it is, but it’s unbelievable.”

To alleviate concerns about a possible injury before the end of the title race, Odegaard participated in the rest of the game. However, Joselu scored two goals towards the end, securing a victory for Spain. Odegaard acknowledged that his team lacked efficiency in scoring during the game.

He said: “We kept the ball and tried to play out from the back. We created some great chances that we have to put away. We didn’t, and they get goals out of nowhere really.

“Then it becomes a slightly uglier scoreline than it felt. We did a lot of good things, but we were not sharp enough in front of the goal.”

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard gives honest reaction to Rodri’s horror tackle

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