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Arsenal and Manchester City Premier League title race fixtures compared as ‘better run’ emerge

Arsenal and Manchester City Premier League title race fixtures compared as ‘better run’ emerge

The 30th Premier League title will be celebrated on May 28, but the big question is whether the winning team will be Manchester City or Arsenal

This is a crucial matter for fans, as the league is about to enter its final international break before the last stretch of games begins. 

At present, Arsenal, led by Mikel Arteta, are in the lead after an unexpected season with many successes for the team from north London.

 Arteta, who was once coached by Pep Guardiola, is currently eight points ahead of Manchester City, although Arsenal have played one more game.

As the title race is expected to be decided in the last few games, it is now crucial for the players to take action and make their mark in history rather than just talking about it. 

With only a few games remaining until the end of May, let’s compare Arsenal and Manchester City’s upcoming fixtures leading up to the final game.

Fixture congestion

Rest could be a crucial factor in determining the outcome of the season’s end, and Arsenal seems to have an edge in this aspect. 

This is because they have been eliminated from all cup competitions, and hence, they can concentrate solely on the league, allowing them more time to recover for upcoming matches.

In contrast, Manchester City is still involved in both the Champions League and the FA Cup, which may divert their attention away from the league. It’s uncertain whether their progress in these competitions will further complicate their task of managing multiple tournaments simultaneously.

Arsenal fixtures remaining: 10 games in 57 days – One game every 5.7 days

Manchester City fixtures remaining: 14 games in 57 days (excluding progress in Champions League) – One game every four days

Matches ahead

Not all fixture lists are created equal, which means that some teams may face tougher opponents in the run-in than others, potentially affecting the outcome of the Premier League title race. The timing of a team’s matches against certain opponents could play a significant role in determining the final standings.

Average league position of Arsenal opponents: 11th

Average league position of Man City opponents: 11th

Head-to-head record

The most critical element in this scenario is the encounter between Arsenal and Manchester City towards the end of April, where both teams could earn or lose six points, which may have a significant impact on the title race.

 If Arsenal manages to win, they could establish a clear lead, effectively ending any speculation about the championship. However, if they lose, the gap between them and Manchester City could narrow considerably.

Regrettably for Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, Manchester City has the upper hand in this match, having secured two victories over Arsenal in the current season. Although Arsenal may feel hard done by their loss in the FA Cup, where they fielded a rotated squad, the defeat in the league will remain a sour memory.

The winner…?

The main inquiry arising from the situation is who will emerge victorious in the upcoming matches, and it’s quite challenging to determine. Both teams have a challenging set of games ahead, including a head-to-head encounter that adds excitement before the ultimate showdown in May.

Although Arsenal has the benefit of playing fewer matches, the outcomes of the games are crucial. Even if Guardiola’s team has less time to rest, if Arsenal fails to perform, City could seize the opportunity to win.

Arsenal and Manchester City Premier League title race fixtures compared as ‘better run’ emerge

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