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Allegation of bribery surrounding Diego Maradona’s Death Intensifies.

With the death of world football icon Diego Maradona still shaking the sporting world, alleged manslaughter allegations are being investigated.

Audio clips, texts messages together with receipts involving Matias Morla and doctor Leopoldo Luque have been uncovered. The two individual are allegedly suspected to be involved in bribe dealings that saw that result in passing away of Diego Maradona.

Infobae was able to gain access to the file together with published information explaining that “the action is quite clear by which they were asked for a kind of bribe”.

The above report further indicated that “it’s not ruled out that it may have happened with the rest (of the individuals in question), but the strongest evidence is about Luque’s salary”.


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Vanesa Morla, who is the sister of Matias is the most involved person. Venesa was the one charged with the responsibility of Diego’s monthly expense. She was also a partner to Maximiliano Pomargo who has made a lot of appearances in this bribery allegation case.

In an operation that was conducted on Maradona between January 15-17 last year, a record of conversation confirms how Vanesa Morla and Luque made a deal that the doctor would charge 100,000 dollars a month out of which she would keep 20,000.

In a record of the conversation between the doctor and Venesa in a chat showed Venesa asking the doctor for her piece of cake. The doctor who confirmed he took Venesa money but spend it during the day asked Vanessa to give him account details for him transfer the money to her.  

Maradona’s lawyer’s sister accepted the alleged return of the money through a bank transfer dated January 17, 2020, at 14:43 to herb account with Banco Santander. The conversation showed this trend continued every month until October, a month before Diego Maradona passed away.

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