Alexis Mac Allister fee ‘confirmed’, three more deals – Dream Liverpool squad to start preseason

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Alexis Mac Allister fee ‘confirmed’, three more deals – Dream Liverpool squad to start preseason

Liverpool’s penchant for concluding transfer deals early is well-known. Following their loss in the 2018 Champions League final, they wasted no time in announcing Fabinho’s signing.

Similarly, in May 2021, they finalized a deal for Ibrahima Konaté. Now, it appears that the next player to join this trend is Alexis Mac Allister.

According to reports, a comprehensive agreement has been reached even before the Premier League transfer window has officially opened.

Renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano reveals that Liverpool will astonishingly pay a mere $44 million (£35 million/€41 million) as the final fee for the transfer.

By swiftly finalizing the deal, Liverpool has ensured that Jürgen Klopp will have the luxury of a complete preseason with Mac Allister. This will enable Klopp to effectively integrate the Argentine player into his preferred style of play.

This process holds significant importance for the entire squad, as Klopp will use this opportunity to shape his vision of the team’s tactical approach for the upcoming season. It allows him to determine the desired composition and strategies of his next formidable team.

In order to create an ideal preseason scenario, Liverpool aims to swiftly secure the remaining signings as well. The optimal outcome would be for the club to conclude the majority of its buying before July 11, when players who are scheduled for international duty are expected to join the squad. This soft deadline sets the timeline for Liverpool to complete the bulk of their transfer activity.

While the addition of Mac Allister is a promising start to the transfer window, Liverpool would need several other players to arrive in order to have an exceptionally successful summer. The recent news of Real Madrid agreeing on a fee for Jude Bellingham intensifies the pressure and risk for Liverpool.

It highlights the importance of ensuring that the players Liverpool signs will collectively have a greater impact and overall contribution to the team compared to the potential impact of missing out on Bellingham.

Considering the need to reinforce the midfield, it is evident that Liverpool will be targeting additional midfielders. While Mac Allister possesses his own strengths, he alone cannot replicate the skill set of Jude Bellingham.

Therefore, it would be ideal to bring in a defensive-minded midfielder who can replicate the defensive contributions of the Englishman. Among the players linked to Liverpool, Roméo Lavia appears to be the most suitable fit.

Lavia has garnered attention from numerous top clubs due to his impressive defensive performances, despite playing for a struggling Southampton team.

Although his exceptional blocking statistics (placing him in the 96th percentile among midfielders in Europe’s top five leagues) may decrease in a Liverpool side that faces less pressure, his strong tackling and interception abilities would be valuable in preventing the transitional plays that proved detrimental to Liverpool’s season.

Adding Lavia to the squad could provide the desired defensive presence in midfield and contribute to the team’s overall stability.

To complete their impressive summer transfer window, Liverpool would benefit from adding another defender to their squad. The focus on revitalizing the midfield stems from the team’s vulnerabilities in that area, and it is equally crucial to avoid any defensive lapses.

Considering the age of Virgil van Dijk and Joël Matip, who are both getting older, and the uncertainties surrounding Joe Gomez, Liverpool would be wise to plan for the future. Khéphren Thuram and Roméo Lavia would initially provide rotation options in midfield, including alongside Alexis Mac Allister. However, they would also have a clear pathway to eventually become regular starters for the team.

To further solidify their summer dealings, Liverpool should secure the services of a talented defender. One notable option would be Joško Gvardiol, as acquiring his services would showcase the club’s strong intentions and ambition. This addition would address potential concerns in the defensive line, ensuring a well-rounded and formidable squad for the upcoming season.

Indeed, securing the services of Joško Gvardiol could prove challenging, but there are alternative options that Liverpool could realistically pursue to successfully conclude their transfer window. Liverpool’s ultimate objective is to find a long-term partner for Ibrahima Konaté in defense, so they cannot afford to be complacent in their approach.

The realization of this dream transfer window is yet to be determined. However, if the majority of the mentioned players are in the starting lineup when Jürgen Klopp names his team to face Karlsruher SC on July 19, it would undoubtedly mark an extraordinary summer for Liverpool.

The arrival of Alexis Mac Allister has already set a positive tone, and if the club manages to secure the additional targets, it would be a testament to their ambition and a highly successful window overall.

Alexis Mac Allister fee ‘confirmed’, three more deals – Dream Liverpool squad to start preseason

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