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Alasdair Gold has some worrying update on a new Tottenham deal for Harry Kane

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Alasdair Gold has some worrying update on a new Tottenham deal for Harry Kane

Alasdair Gold stated during a Q&A on Football London that Tottenham are not currently negotiating a new contract with England captain Harry Kane, despite the fact that he is well within the final two years of his current agreement.

Kane, age 29, has had an outstanding start to the season, scoring six goals in seven Premier League matches. 

After missing out on a transfer to Manchester City in the summer of 2021, the striker has been revitalised by Antonio Conte.

While his future was not in question during the most recent transfer window, Bayern Munich has expressed interest in Kane.

Unknown is whether Kane is tempted to move to Germany. He would most likely choose to remain in England.

He would have the opportunity to surpass Alan Shearer’s Premier League records if he remained in England.

Graham Potter may make a player-plus-cash deal featuring Romelu Lukaku to get him to Chelsea.

Tottenham supporters are justified in their growing worry, however.

If Kane does not sign a new contract by the January transfer window or, more ominously, by next summer, a transfer becomes possible. Currently, discussions are not underway.

“Nothing yet I’m afraid. Spurs haven’t kicked those off as of this point but surely it won’t be long,” Gold said, when asked by a Spurs fan on Football London’s website if there had been any discussions regarding Kane’s contract.

Could Kane quit Tottenham for good? If he does not sign a new deal by next summer, Spurs will likely be forced to sell the forward. 

The fact that he will be 30 in July 2023, so decreasing his transfer value, could be key.

Spurs must make a decision concerning Kane. Enter negotiations and attempt to reach an agreement, ideally before the January window.

However, it is simpler to say than to accomplish. Kane will undoubtedly continue to feel the sting of the 2021 drama.

It is a monumental choice for both player and club. If Kane decides he does not want to sign a new contract, Tottenham must sell him next summer in order to receive the most money feasible for the striker. His value will continue to decline.

Alasdair Gold has some worrying update on a new Tottenham deal for Harry Kane

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