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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad ‘threatens’ to text Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta: Not pleased with his son’s style of play

Aaron Ramsdale’s dad ‘threatens’ to text Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta: Not pleased with his son’s style of play

Aaron Ramsdale is recognized as one of the Premier League’s top goalkeepers who excel in playing with the ball at their feet.

His skills in this area were a major factor in Arsenal decision to sign him in 2021, with coach Mikel Arteta eager to create a team that can play out from the back.

As a result, Ramsdale has become Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper, replacing Bernd Leno.

Despite his success, Ramsdale’s father Nick is not a fan of his son’s style of play and has even threatened to text Arteta about it. Although Ramsdale has generally performed well, his father remains nervous due to occasional risky moments.

“He still hates it, absolutely hates it,” Ramsdale told ESPN. “He still threatens to text Mikel [Arteta].

“The only problem is if I push it too far saying ‘go on then, you won’t do it,’ he actually will because he’s got his number! I’ve got to play that one really carefully.”

The footballer who plays for the England national team acknowledged that he had to work hard to develop this particular aspect of his game, as it didn’t come naturally to him. He stated that he had to improve in order to achieve the level of success he has attained thus far.

“It wasn’t something that naturally came to me,” he added.

“I was released from Bolton for my height and not being able to kick the ball. So it’s not something I’ve always had and a huge credit to Sheffield United and coaches at youth age with England when I first got into the system.

“They just mentioned training with the outfielders or to sharpen up a little bit more than what you would do at the football club. I used to go and help coach the younger goalkeepers on Tuesday and Thursday nights for a little bit more money when I was a youth-team player and I’d also join in with the U16s in possession stuff and play as an outfielder.

“That just got me a little bit more comfortable on the ball and being able to play off both feet. It is something which has always been developing.”

Although Aaron Ramsdale’s ball-playing abilities have garnered attention, his contributions as a shot-stopper should not be overlooked.

Arsenal’s defense has been formidable this season, having conceded only 26 goals in 28 league games, with only Manchester City and Newcastle allowing fewer.

Despite initially joining as a backup to Leno, Ramsdale displaced his senior counterpart after just three games last season. Arteta’s decision has proven wise, as Arsenal is currently on the cusp of their first Premier League title since 2004.

Ramsdale’s performances this season earned him the Goalkeeper of the Year Award at the recent London Football Awards ceremony. After the event, the 24-year-old expressed his desire to become a legend at the Emirates Stadium and hopes to remain with Arsenal for the rest of his career.

“It was a difficult period, moving club to club and before that going on loan,” he said. “I never imagined leaving Bournemouth after a year, never imagined leaving Sheffield United after a year.

“This is a place now where I can see myself for 10, 12, 15 years. That’s the aim, that’s the goal, to stay at the top for that amount of time. Hopefully I’ll never have to leave and become a real hero and legend at this football club.”

Aaron Ramsdale’s dad ‘threatens’ to text Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta: Not pleased with his son’s style of play

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