Monday, December 5, 2022

A team that has never won any competitive match.

The San Marino National Team.
The San Marino National Team.

When it comes to football, San Marino is the lowest-ranked country, as far as football is concerned. San Marino has conceded a total of 730 goals in all competitive matches. Due to the Covid-19, the San Marino team has not been involved in any footballing activities for the past four months.

The team Plays England in Thursday’s World Cup qualifier match with hopes of getting their first-ever victory in a competitive match. San Marino has played England on six occasions and has lost all six matches.


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Sporting history was almost made in 1993 when they scored against England in a World Cup Qualifier after just 8 seconds. This lead, however, did not hold ground as they were beaten 7-1.

 Lorenzo Lunadei is 23 and plays as a midfielder for the San Marino team. He works as a second-hand car dealer over the border in Italy. Lorenzo says he has to use his holiday allowances on away games. This doesn’t concern him that much as playing for the team is his passion, and makes him happy.

Sammarinese forward Matteo Vitaioli speaking about training said: “We train three or four times per week in the evening because everybody has a job.

“We normally start after 7 pm until 9:30 pm. I work for SIT Group, one of the biggest companies in San Marino that produces packaging.

“I work in a graphic office from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm. I started to work here seven years ago and it’s quite complicated when we have to travel abroad.

“I’m lucky because my company never complained about it but some of my San Marino team-mates have had to withdraw from internationals abroad because of work.

“We are really excited even if for some players it won’t be the first time in London.

“I’ll be at Wembley for the third time in my career and some top players from LaLiga and Serie A do not manage that. Obviously, it will be slightly different because Wembley won’t be sold out on Thursday but empty.


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“But it is still exciting. We will share the pitch with players that we are used to seeing on TV.”

With the memory of Davide’s flash-lightning 8 second goal in the minds of San Marino Citizens, Lorenzo Lunadei said:

“No-one will get tired of talking about Davide’s flash-lightning goal, even if it is no longer the overall record after a quicklier one from Christian Benteke.

“We were fond of the memory and it became famous around the world and particularly, England.”

Vitailo said: “Each Sammarinese person remembers such a big moment and it’s always emotional.

“It was one of the most beautiful pages in the history book of our football. It is something quite impossible to replicate. But… never say never!”


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