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A referee urinates at the center of the pitch seconds before blowing the kickoff Whistle.

Thursday night Copa do Brazil game between Boavista and Goias witnessed a very unfamiliar scene when the match official referee decided to pee on the pitch seconds before the Cup match began.

Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim decided to wet in his pants. He didn’t pull his shorts down due to the fact that the match was being filmed on live television.

The match commentator was caught off guard in that urination event as he was busy introducing the game match officials officiating that game.

However, the eagle-eyed viewers noticed the telltale urine dropping the referee’s leg. The footage immediately went viral as the match progressed.

The Viral video showed the center referee loosen his short before making a glance behind his back and then released himself near the match ball.

He immediately stepped away from the center circle and made a quick run in an attempt aimed to cover up his doing.


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A wet patch was visible around his private parts. It was assumed that Denis da Silva had run out of time to use the toilets in his changing room moments before heading onto the pitch to officiate the game.

Fans took on social media to joke about the whole incidence. Someone jocked by describing it as holy water that referees do place on the football pitch to bless the match to ensure the match runs smoothly without fights or violence.

It is remembered how Coleraine player Eoin Bradley received a six-month ban last summer after he was spotted relieving himself on the pitch during an Irish Cup semi-final that involved Coleraine and Ballymena United.

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