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A naked invader interrupts Man U vs Granada Europa League game.

Manchester United game against Granada was played behind closed doors but it was interrupted by a streaker who invaded the pitch. Police had to intervene to get the naked invader off the pitch.

The identity of the streaker remained a nightmare. It is not known who he was and the reason why he was in the stadium in the first place despite the game being played behind closed doors.

United won 2-0 to cement their position to progress to the next stage. They are considered as the favourite to win the Europa League title which seems to be their real chance to claim the team’s first trophy this season.

Marcus Rashford scored his 20th goal of the season to put Manchester ahead before Bruno Fernandes slotted home a 90th-minute penalty to ensure Manchester United are in a good lead ahead of the return fixture.


Speaking about the win, Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar said:
“It was not a perfect night. We got three yellow cards and three suspensions. 2-0 is very good result.
“We know how difficult it is to come to Spain. We’ve got to play well to get a result.
“They [Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes] have been exceptional, so important for us.

“It was a very good run by Rashford, takes the ball fantastically. Bruno is so confident on penalties even though the keeper almost saved it.
“Same as always [attitude for next week]. We want to win every game. It’s still a young team, a learning team.
“We have to improve all the time.
“Football catches you so quickly if you rest. We can’t have any other approach.”


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