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‘122 messages I had’: Mikel Arteta reveals what everyone kept texting him after Brighton smashed Arsenal

‘122 messages I had’: Mikel Arteta reveals what everyone kept texting him after Brighton smashed Arsenal

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, has disclosed the support he received from everyone following his team’s 3-0 loss to Brighton and Hove Albion in their home match last weekend.

If Arsenal had emerged victorious against the Seagulls on Sunday, they could have kept the title race alive until the final week of the season. Unfortunately, Roberto De Zerbi’s team delivered a resounding defeat, causing significant disappointment at the Emirates Stadium.

However, Arteta and his team also received a great deal of encouragement. The Arsenal boss shared the content of the text messages he discovered on his phone after the game last week, which contained expressions of support and goodwill.

Mikel Arteta shares what everyone kept texting him after Brighton beat Arsenal

Despite losing only five games throughout the entire Premier League season, Arsenal’s defeat to Brighton last weekend was arguably their most disappointing performance under the management of Mikel Arteta.

Although the Gunners displayed a decent performance in the first half, they struggled immensely against Brighton’s attacks in the second half. Arteta’s team was unable to find a solution and ended up deservedly losing the match.

As is often the case, Arsenal fans expressed their frustrations on social media following the result, showcasing their reactionary nature. However, when everyone took a step back and considered the broader context, they recognized the remarkable progress made by this young Arsenal team throughout the season.

Arteta himself was advised to adopt a broader perspective, understanding that the team’s overall performance and achievements should be considered alongside this particular defeat.

The Arsenal boss said, as per the Evening Standard: “In the three years I have been at the club, I have never had that many text messages after the game. It was incredible.

“I think it was 122 messages I had – all talking about what we have done. ‘Don’t lose perspective on what you guys have done’. That helps because it comes from friends, a lot of colleagues, coaches as well, a lot of people at the club, and sometimes that helps you as well and sometimes you need that.

“You can’t be only with that tunnel vision thinking about: ‘I should have done that in the game, I should have changed that, we should have done that’. And you just kill and hammer yourself. That (the messages) helped I think.”

It is crucial for both Arsenal fans and Mikel Arteta to maintain perspective before passing judgment on their season.

Rival fans, pundits, particularly Gary Neville, and the media may propagate narratives about Arsenal’s shortcomings and lack of leadership within the team.

However, considering the youthfulness of the Arsenal side, their ability to compete with one of the world’s top clubs until the second-to-last game of the season is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Arsenal and Arteta should receive substantial recognition and praise for their achievements throughout the season.

‘122 messages I had’: Mikel Arteta reveals what everyone kept texting him after Brighton smashed Arsenal

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