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10 footballers who murdered

10 footballers who murdered

Football is a game that is cherished over the world. It brings people of different walks of life together. Several football players have become idols in their respective countries, while others have been hated altogether. Sports Dias has combined a list of footballers who have in the past found themselves in trouble after being involved in murder.

10.Marcos Alonso

Back in 2011, Marcos while playing for Bolton Wanderers Alonso was involved in an accident in Madrid and killed his 19-year-old passenger. The Spaniard was drunk and was driving his car at a speed of 100km/h before colliding with a wall.
He was sentenced to a four year in prison, but later his sentence was reduced to 21 months. However, the charges were dropped after the defender paid the family of his victim a sum of 500 000 Euros.

9.Patrick Kluivert

Martin Putnam, who was a Dutch theatre director was an Ajax big fan. Kluivert was Ajax’s biggest young prospect at that time. Poor relationship with the fans led him to leave the club. He had to do community service as he was never sentenced to a jail term.

8.Captain Fillip F. Fullard

He was a promising player who played for Norwich City while still schooling. Born in 1897, his footballing career came to an end after he suffered a compound leg fracture during a military war.
Fullard served in the Royal Airforce in the first and second world war where he killed a lot of people. In fact, he had the sixth-highest body count by the end of the first World War.

7.Lee Hughes

He was a West Brom striker who made over 200 appearances. In 2003, while driving on the wrong side with his Mercedes when he hit a Renault. One of the passengers died while two others got injured. He was sentenced to three years in jail. In 2011, he was charged for sexual assault, a charge that was later changed to a common assault.

6.Bob Newton

This was a real looney who never learned from his own mistakes. As a Hartlepool player, Bob injured his teammate in a car accident. He was sentenced to a nine-month jail term.

He later relocated to North America to progress his footballing passion. During the mid-1980s, Bob was again charged with reckless driving and his driving license was confiscated
After retiring from football, he was hired as a lorry driver and later charged again for driving while drunk.


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